Rachel Berghash


Interviews with Poets and Writers

“A World Elsewhere,” A Program on WBAI RADIO 1983-1987
Interviews with and Readings by Poets and Writers

Yehuda Amichai, Meron Benvenisti, Peter Davison, Toi Derricotte, Tess Gallagher,
Seamus Heaney, Rollo May, Czeslaw Milosz, Hilda Morley, Amos Oz, Dan Pagis,
Grace Schulman, Philip Schultz, Louis Simpson, Mark Strand, Natan Yonatan.
Actor Eli Wallach reading poems on Love, by Yeats, Rilke, and Tagore.

Interviews Published

The Partisan Review, Interview with Czeslaw Milosz.
University Press of Mississippi, Interview with Czeslaw Milosz. In “Czeslaw Milosz: Conversations,” by Czeslaw Milosz.
American Poetry Review, Interview with Philip Booth.
University of Michigan Press, Interview with Philip Booth. In “Trying to Say It,” by
Philip Booth.
University of Michigan Press, Interview with Tess Gallagher. In “A Concert of Tenses,” by Tess Gallagher.
University of Michigan Press, Interview with Peter Davison. InOne of the Dangerous Trades,” by Peter Davison.
Hadoar, Interview with Avner Treinin (in Hebrew).
Hadoar, Interview with Ruth Blumert (in Hebrew).
Hadoar, Interview with Dan Pagis (in Hebrew).

Interviews Recorded for “A World Elsewhere,” WBAI RADIO (on Tapes).

T. Carmi, Robert Hass, Moshe Idel, Sharon Olds, Gabriel Preil, John Tranter.